Tasmania from its best - PART 3/3

Weeelll.. It's been now a reeeally long time since I've updated my blog. Uni has occupied me a lot so that I hadn't found time for writing. But as I finally want to finish my blog about Oz (to give place to new adventures), I need to find some time ;). Anyway, my last day on my Tassie tour started with a typical Aussie brekkie: toast with vegemite! Yum! At 8am, we all met at the reception for going onto the bus. Well, we should have met at 8..

As I got back to my room (it was ten to eight), I tried to open the door but it didn't work! The card thing just blinked in red colour and I wasn't able to enter my room! Okay no problem, I went to the reception to ask for help. But unfortunately there was nobody at the reception! At eight, everybody met downstairs.. Exept for me and my stuff. Luckily, I didn't have to wait for a long time until someone fixed everything.

The group headed southwards to visit Port Arthur. On our way, we passed by the Bridge of Hobart. It's the bridge that connects the eastern with the western peninsula. Have you heard of the "Tasman Bridge Disaster"? It happened in June 1975. A huge ore carrying ship collided with some of the bridge's pylons. A big part of the bridge deck collapsed, many people died. The ship sank and is still in the harbour because of its depth. There were cars driving into the deep. Some (lucky) cars even balanced on the edge (see pictures down below). The man, in one of those cars still owns this car. It's his "lucky charm" they say. There was no bridge for a couple of years. People had to use ferries to visit the other island. As they rebuilt the bridge, they made another one in the south so that in the case of an accident the two peninsulas are still connected.

We stopped in Richmond. There was a bridge (yeppp, another bridge ;) ). This one was built in 1823 by convicts! So here another sight to see what convicts had to do two hundred years ago. And they did a good job though (the bridge still exists!).

After about one and a half hours, we arrived in Port Arthur. It was amazing. Port Arthur is a small town and convict settlement. It was actually the one settlement where Great Britain sent the convicts that had the highest penalties of all. The convicts were treated really cruelly.  Children in the age of eight, nine years were sent to the prison as well. Even if they've stolen just a toy or something unimportant. Next to Port Arthur, there is the Isle of the Dead, where every dead convict and the staff too  were buried. There are more than 1600 graves; only the 180 graves of the staff has gravestones on it, the others don't. Everything over a time interval of 44 years (1833-1877)!! In the 1850's, the convict's shipment to Port Arthur ended. The prison finally closed in 1877. In the first quarter of the 20th century, the tourism began in Port Arthur and brought a good amount of money during the whole century. But.. another cruel thing happened there in April 1996. 35  visitors and tourists  got shot during a massacre and died. This happened in the visitor's café which got demolished afterwards. It was a very sad day for Australia. Since then, automatic guns are prohibited down under.

Our tour continued to some impressive cliffs including Tasmanian Arch and Devil's Kitchen. It was simply stunning. Just have a look at the photos. There is no need to talk a lot about it.

My Tassie adventure ended that afternoon. I got back to the first hotel for one more night and then left the next morning. The flight back home was nice! We flew along the east coast; I was able to see all the places we I went to. From the Hobart over Freycinet, the Wineglass Bay, Bicheno to the Bay of Fires. Tasmania was a great great experience. I met totally cool people and one special girl I had such a great time with and still keep chatting to her sometimes ;). I got so many beautiful impressions. There are those images in my head. They can't get lost anymore.. Shortly: It is just a wonderful and magical place. Out of everything I've seen  from Australia until now, I liked Tassie the most. And I really hope to come back again soon to discover more of this wonderful island.

One more Aussie blog post is yet to come.. Hope it won't take me too long to write it this time haha.. :) Don't forget to check out all the photos of PART 3/3.