Goodbye Oz – A Quick Look Back

After being home for already more than three months (crazy how fast the time goes by...) and getting a bit of a distance to Australia, I wanted to take a quick look back on this time.

My last two days down under were filled with some little adventures and with surfing (Aghh, I miss meditating in the ocean and catching some waves so much!!). I made it home on the 12th of September. Of course I was really sad leaving Australia. But even so I was happy to see my lovely family again after a month. (Haha look at that funny Tarzan-surfing picture down below!)

Boooy was I raving about Australia during the first week.. And the following week. And one week later.. And one month later... And actually still until now.. Imagine my poor family and friends that have to listen to my stories and the total admiration for Australia 24/7! But I’ve learned to control myself now haha, sometimes.

So, where does this „Australia-fever“ actually come from?.. Enthusiastically, I went to the travel agency and booked my trip in May. But already as I went to bed that night, I had a bad feeling when I thought about traveling alone and so far away and so on… This sorrow disappeared by the time but came back as soon as I said goodbye to my loved ones. Why would I be so crazy and go to an unknown country that is so far away and where it would take me more than 24 hours to go back home? What if I’m alone down there? I don’t know where I have to go when I arrive? All those thoughts perforated my brain the whole time of traveling from my home to Byron Bay… and even the first few days in Byron. It wasn’t easy for me at the beginning. I was really homesick actually!! But as soon as I got a bit of sleep and as my wonderful host family and I had some conversations, I felt better immediately. I felt glad to be there for the first time when Mayu, my host mother and I walked through the Arakwal National Park to the lighthouse and saw this bright rainbow (this was the day after my arrival). It was simply wonderful.

Australia has so much to offer.. I mean, I’ve seen just a little bit of this huge continent but I've already found so much variety and so much beauty. From wonderful coasts and beaches, ancient rainforest like you might know only from Jurassic Park, big modern cities to untouched nature and wilderness, and so on and so forth… The list is endless.

But it wasn’t just the beauty of this country. It was also the people that lived there. Beginning with my host family: I couldn’t have had more luck. They were so generous and helpful and just lovely. Further also those people I met on the streets, in shops and supermarkets. I was warmly greeted and got into a little conversation about anything! Those Aussies (I met) were always very kind, curious and friendly.

So, getting in touch with people was no problem at all. Due to traveling on my own, it just happened that I talked to strangers and so also became more confident. At school and during the surf lessons and on my trip to Tassie, I met so many wonderful people. With some I’m still in contact! (Here a picture of some lovely school mates.)

It’s the small things I learned to appreciate even more: normal birds were colourful parrots (they sometimes woke me up with a terrible singing haha.. but this was funny) that shined like a jewel in the palm trees; having a huge beach for myself and enjoying the loneliness for once; not expecting nothing in the morning while waking up in a cosy sleeping bag, looking at the cloudy horizon but then getting surprised by the most beautiful sunrise in the world that even the dolphins, whales and sharks enjoyed (it might sound corny but I swear it was like that!!).. All that was just a m a z i n g .

I realise, I already start to get passionate about it again.. But you see what I mean. It was an amazing adventure and a good eye-opener to me. I’m deeply grateful that I was able to have such wonderful time.

Australia is DEFINITELY a place I’d love to visit again. But first, I’m going somewhere else ;). Stay tuned, see you soon and carpe diem!