Surfing, Bicycles and Lightnings

After a very exhausting party trip to Malgrat de Mar in Spain with my school class  (because we graduated from high school!), I finally travelled to the lovely place Hossegor in France at the atlantic coast. This city is half an hour north of Biarritz which one or two might know. Hossegor is the so called “surfer’s Makkah” of Europe where the yearly Quiksilver Pro France contest takes place (around September). So, of course I will take some surf lessons here and try to get into this fascinating sport.

As my boyfriend and I arrived on Thursday, we both were impressed by this small town: There is an extremely cool shopping area (I mean, you find here EVERY surf and skate shop you can dream of, from Billabong to Roxy to Quiksilver and many more). Those shops are all in very little, beautiful houses. You can go from shop to shop, to shop and sometimes, you bump into a fancy local food store where typical french baguettes, homemade ice cream or colorful smoothies are sold. What makes this little city also special are the bicycles. There are extra roads for the bikers everywhere and many laydown-areas. We also rent two beach bikes with which we cruise fastly through Hossegor (highly recommended).

Next to the town, there is the wide, finely sandy beach. Looking left down the coast, there is a lighthouse and behind that, far away the Spanish coast (Basque region) is slightly visible. Looking up to the right side of the coast, sometimes there are some surfers, fishermen, people kite flying or kite surfing. Just in front of the beach, there are many cool restaurants and bars.

On the third evening go our stay, we were walking along the beach as suddenly the sky became dark. A thunderstorm arose and we were able to observe this spectacle. Lightnings were as bright as never seen before. This was a really cool experience! The heavy rainfall which followed the thunderstorm washed the clouds out so that we had best weather the next day.

More about Hossegor and our adventure will come in the following days. Carpe diem!