Hey! Come in - We're awesome

Hossegor is a really cool place as already mentioned in my last post. After breakfast, we pored over Hossegor's map and looked for cool places to discover. We recognized a big area in its back country with many outlets of famous surfer and skater brands. So, we leapt onto our beach bikes and hit the road. There were narrow cycleways just beside the streets which lead through wonderful forests consisting of the lushest vegetation I've ever seen. It was full of big pine trees and other conifers in which cicadas were clittering for the day. 

We had to cycle for about 20-30 mins (5 km) until we reached the outlets and rode until the end of this area, stopped near the VANS and VISSLA stores (worth to have a look around) and moved to Ripcurl, Quiksilver, Roxy, Billabong and so on and so forth. Both of us visited almost each of those shops (just looking, not buying ;)) which was very exhausting because of the heat, the distances we had to move and not forgetting because of our growing hunger. We braced ourselves at Jack's Burgers (was like a fancy and much better McDonald's) and continued our excursion.

We came back to the end of the outlet area and discovered the best shop we've been and seen for a while: the Wasted Talent Boutique. It is a very small but spicy boutique in which you can find  fancy clothing, accessories, sun glasses and jewelry. Most of it was from the brand Afends. This "is an alternate fashion and lifestyle brand from Byron Bay (Australia) devoted to a free-living attitude and inspired by the punk-rock roots of the modern day culture that surrounds us", as they describe themselves on their homepage. If you hear people who were in Byron Bay, they might picture the everyday life down there similarly. This is pleasant to hear because soon I will be there too! But back on topic. The shop was perfect, the stuff was awesome (like they wrote on their door) and the people who served us were exceptionally friendly. This boutique is a real insiders' tip! In total, we were three times there :).

On the way back to our hotel, we enjoyed again the lively forest. At 5 o'clock we went surfing the third time and had - despite our fatigue - really fun! Carpe diem!