Avec plaisir!

Even if we've already returned home, there are some more impressions about Hossegor to share. It is a very "young" and active but also calm place. People are very polite and helpful (this I discovered especially while we were surfing and the waves became too big for me..hehe). Most people who work at the restaurants or at the bars are young adults, students, surfers who want to earn some money. Those people are extremely endeavor to glad all the patrons.

Among the service, the food is also really good. You can eat a lot of burgers.. really a lot. I mean, we ate burgers almost every day.. We had lunch and dinner most of the time near the Plage Centrale because of its wonderful location and the proximity to the ocean. There, we often ate at Rock Food's. The youngest waiter of this restaurant stood out really positively. He was always taking the order with a very happy "avec plaisir!" which means "with pleasure!". We were also very often at the Centrale Café. Both restaurants have a big variety of homemade burgers: with beef and blue cheese; beef, honey and goat cheese; beef with mayo, ketchup, roasted or caramelized onions and cheddar; breaded, crispy chicken (which I loved the most at Rock Food's); chicken breast with various sauces; veggie burgers and many, many more. At the Centrale Café, you can even choose between fries: normal french fries, potato fries, and sweet potato fries (last ones were served with a delicious sour cream dip - our favorite!!). We also enjoyed some drinks at the Centrale Café's bar. On the waitress' recommendation we tried the Hendrix Zephyr (with Hendrick's gin, mint, lemon and cucumber - very refreshing!) and the Spiced Mojito (with ginger ale instead of soda water - delicious!!). For food and soft drinks we payed about 15-18 euros per person. The alcoholic drinks costed about 7-9 euros. In my opinion, the prices are just proper for what and how much you receive (and for the location). And furthermore, the time between order and the moment we got our meal was unusually short (we measured the time: max. 4 minutes)!

Rock Food:

Centrale Café:

But you won't find only burgers and fries in Hossegor. Of course not. Tapas are also frequently sold. Tapas are mostly found in Spain (Hossegor isn't far away from the Spanish frontier) and consist in many different small morsels. Tapas often contain meat, sea food, a lot of fritter, potatoes, sausages, cold cuts and so on... Typically french are the galettes. Those are savory buckwheat crêpes with any kind of filling (cheese, ham, eggs, veggies, all together...). We ate them at Mar y Sol's and at a restaurant in the city of Hossegor (I don't remember the name). At Tante Jeanne's (check out my blog post about it) we were able to create our own huge, hot sandwiches! We could choose from many different fillings (many cheeses, vegetables, meat, other proteins, spreads and many more) and the boy behind the counter prepared them for us. Here again, we payed not very much (I think about 5 euros) for a big, freshly made sandwich.

One last blog post about our Hossegor trip will follow in the next few days! Carpe diem!