Hello from the air

My Australia-adventure has started. I'm sitting right now in an Airbus A380-300 (Emirates), seat 60D and have discovered the on-board-wifi. Unbelievable. I can contact my loved ones from somewhere over the Indian Ocean in 12 kilometres above. The best is, I wont pay nothing for that (10 MB are free and 500 MB for 1$!).

My flights to Dubai (6 hours) and to Brisbane (almost 14 hours, 4 hours are still left...) were/are very calm and good but extreeeemely exhausting. It was the first time for me flying with this big jumbo. Its so different to my expectations: I've never been to such a calm, stable and beautiful plane. Somebody wouldn't think that this machine weights more then 200 tons (without cerosine, people and baggage) and up to over 500 tons at the departure. Here on this flight, I have a huge range of music, movies and games- perfect! I also have a very friendly Australian neighbor next to me. As I told him, I went to Byron Bay, he couldn't stop dreaming about it. Yeah - i like that! 

What's not good at all, is that I haven't slept since about fourty hours. I feel my dark rings underneath the eyes growing. But I'm looking forward to a warm and clean bed (One actually learns to estimate normal things again if they're not available!).

In the meantime, we are now above the north-western Australian coast. I still cannot believe, that I'm on the way to down-under! Maybe in 4 hours. 

See you soon and carpe diem!

Unfortunately, the OnAir Wifi was not as good as i could upload my blog post. Because of that, it'll be published a little bit too late.