I almost got lost in the bush!

Today was my first day at School. I arrived at 8.30am and got introduced to Lexis English. Aurélie, from the french speaking part of Switzerland, and I were the only new students this week. We were introduced by Lisa and had to take a one hour test (speaking, grammar and writing) so that they know at which english-level we are and which class we'll join. And they published our arrival at their BLOG! We're both in the same class and already had our first lessons today.

After school, I went home for a short nap and then, I went for a walk through Byron Bay. Have you ever seen shoes on a power line? Well, here in Byron Bay you do. People here are kinda different. Almost every man has long hair. Many have Rasta pigtails and a hippie clothing style. Just as the women. Every third car has at least one surfboard on the deck. Many people also talked to me. They asked my how my day was, where I am from or other questions which is very unusual for me. I have to get used to that in the next few weeks.

On my walk, I found the AFENDS store (at 2/6 Lawson St) which I know from Hossegor. It was a small but nice store! There are many more little shops like this one in Byron Bay! Need to check them out during my stay! From there, I headed to the Tallow Beach but not on a normal way. I went on a little path through the bush of the Arakwal National Park. Which was nice, yes! I heard birds sing and other animals I don't know making funny noises. I felt like a little adventurer! As I reached the beach, i was very satisfied. Nobody was there. There were no footsteps in the sand. How must Captain James Cook have felt then?... It was just me, my camera and, okay... and one couple in the distance. The Tallow Beach is a very long beach. It reaches from the Cape Byron Conservation Area to the Broken Heads (must me some kilometers long). It's an unpatrolled beach where sometimes surfers meet. The sand is very white and it was scrunching while I was walking on it - like on snow - I've never experienced that with sand! I sat down on a tree trunk, enjoyed the nice few and the warm blowing wind. I returned to the entry of the bush. Actually, I wanted to. I didn't find the right path (even though I have taken a photo of it before!?)! Everything looked the same! I was lost... After about three attempts of finding the correct path, I finally found it. I have to mention that on one of my wrong paths, I've found something interesting: a memorial for Jonno Howell (see down below). On its golden plate is written a little poem:

Hold tight, at midnight,
Am I dreaming or are you
Beaming out? Are you Beaming out?
Like light, snow white
Red fluorescence, iridescence,
Are you Beaming out?
Don't you know that
When I see your face
It's like a sunlight dripping
When I see your face
It's like sunlight dripping
You're just like, You're just like
Sunlight, Sunlight
Rest in Peace
1983 - 2011

I didn't understand everything of the poem but I liked it and I was wondering what it meant and who Jonno Howell was. At home i found out, that he was a popular photographer and entrepreneur from Byron Bay. He also worked for some important homepages of Byron Bay. People say, that he was somebody who lived his dream and who was extremely passionated for surfing and photographing. He died in Bali because of an analytic shock after he reacted allergic to something he ate. (source)

At night, I had dinner and a discussion with my host father about all the dangerous animals that could be found here in Byron Bay. He said that sometimes they even have spiders !!in their own house!! which are bigger than my hand! I hope, I will never meet one of them... Now I go to bed, because tomorrow will be the first day of my surfing program. Check out my pictures of today's adventure! Carpe diem!