Hang loose

I almost have completely adapted to the eight hours time difference from Europe to eastern Australia which makes life much easier. I am tired in the evening and wake up in the morning - perfect! The second day at school also passed by really fast. Today, I went surfing for the first time here and even was able to surf a green wave!

As I have booked the English and Surf program, I have 4 x 2 surf lessons per week, for four weeks. Maybe I will cancel some or exchange some with a yoga, I don't know yet. The surfing is organised by MOJO-SURF . They picked me up at school at 12.15pm with a big black bus. There were some other "surf-beginners" (most stay at the Arts Factory Lodge next to the city) in it. We went to Belongil Beach and got there our equipment. Our instructor (everyday, the instructor will change they said), was very kind. He explained us a lot about surfing and the surfboard itself. He showed us the take off in a different way than the instructors did in Hossegor (I prefer the take off without using the knees to jump, hehe...). Then we already went out into the water. It was low tide, which means that when you do the wipeout, you just have sand underneath you, almost no water.. 

We went out to the water and caught some white water waves. The instructor came to me and told me I should go further out so that I can catch some green water waves. I caught one once. It was fantastic (they also took a photo of that, unfortunately they haven't sent me yet.. I will upload it as soon as I will get it). By the time, the tide got even lower and waves became tricky. I once had an unpleasant wipeout where I ended between sand and surfboard and swallowed lots of saltwater. We also stopped the lesson earlier as planned because of these conditions. But all in all, it was a very cool surfing day.

At 3 pm, we returned back to the bus and drove to the "Mojo-Surf-Home" at the Arts Factory Lodge where we looked at the pictures they took of us. I had to wait for almost an hour to get home because they told me to wait for the free-bus to bring me back to Byron's town. Later I found out that I could have walked 10 minutes to get there.. Never mind, I could watch some funny people (for example a singing guy with a parrot on his shoulder which spoke with repeated the words he said and sang) and two turkey-similar birds walking around me.

As I finally got home, I had a delicious dinner and a good chat with my host-family. I'm planning to book some tours around Byron Bay and maybe even further.. I'm looking forward to it. But now, I hit the pillow so that I'll be fit for tomorrow. Good night and carpe diem!