La Dolce Vita

For already two weeks, I've been here in Italy (Lombardy) around the Lago Maggiore with my family. It is wonderful. The most part of the Lago Maggiore is part of Italy, just about a fifth is on Swiss ground. The lake is surrounded by many mountains in the northern part and southbound, the scenery gets very flat. Chugging up or down the lake by boat, many stately mansions make one enrapture (for example the premises of Gianni Agnelli, the former manager of FIAT).

What is the first thought you have when you hear the word Italy? Is is spaghetti? Is it pizza con prosciutto e mozzarella? Is it the typical sign of an Italian doing with his hand like a reversed chicken? Or is it Buffon, Cannavaro and Pirlo? For me, it's la dolce vita (the sweet life) and by that I don't mean Federico Fellini's black-and-white movie from the 60ties. I mean the way to live.

You wake up in the morning and hear the birds sing. No cars, no trains, just the bird's song. You go outside and feel the warmth of the rays of sun on your skin. You look at the lake and see the smooth water. Frutta, pane e caffè (fruit, bread and coffee) for breakfast and the sun still smiling on your face. At the evening, fresh some homemade pizzas come out of the oven and make everyone satisfied. Being together with family, laughing about old anecdotes and enjoying the time together is invaluable. It is worth a mint, that on some days, we receive visitors; family members and friends. It's like a hot spot. Nice people come together and spend time together. What do you want more? Actually nothing. What do you need more? You already have it all. This is my dolce vita. 

The time here runs away like sand through fingers. Sometimes, I do not have any idea which day of the week it is actually. There is no difference between Monday, Friday and Sunday. Every day is like a lazy, dolce Sunday. Then, I notice that I have just three days left until my big trip to Byron Bay will start. Unbelievable, a short while ago, there were still 100 days left! You might think I'm in the middle of a packing/traveling-stress. Well... not yet. For the moment, I enjoy my remaining sweet days here in Italy with my family. Carpe diem!

By the way, check out my photographs of around the Lago Maggiore with its little Italian villages.