Stunning Walk at 5 in the Morning

This day is already very long for me. It's been about 16 hours that I've left my warm, so beloved bed. I woke up at half past four in the mourning to go on a wonderful walk with my Swiss friend Jenny.

It was very cold in the morning, I also had a sore throat and didn't feel like going out so early. Why am I doing that man? I could sleep almost four more hours! But I had to stay strong and get my feet out of my bed onto the almost icy floor. Sorry I'm exaggerating but that's how I felt at 4.30am this morning. Anyway.. I put on a ton of clothes against these arctic temperatures (well, it was 13°C), took the torch and I set off. I met Jenny already waiting for me and also a bit tired (she even had to ride a bike twenty minutes to my house!!! Poor Jenny..).

In the (still) dark night, we were walking towards the beach and then turned to the lighthouse road. Exactly, we wanted to watch how the sun rises as it is the first spot in Australia that gets sunlight - except for Mt Warning, (biggest mountain at the east coast, near Byron Bay) but at the moment it's not possible for me to go there.

It took us about three-quarters of an hour to get to the lighthouse. We were surprised how many people were there waiting for the sunrise. The sky already was lit up. At exactly 5.58am, the sun slightly appeared behind the horizon. Then it took her just a very short time to appear completely. The sky was coloured in in pink-orange, the horizon seemed to burn in a fire-red and the clouds shimmered in a romantic rose. Wow, stuffed I'll be... We were so stunned and felt absolutely glad to be there at this moment.

We descent to the Cape Byron Lookout and were for a short moment the most easterly people on Australian land! Funny... As it was not 7 yet, we decided to eat breakfast at a fancy cafe. It's called The Top Shop. Very good little hipster cafe with lots of delicious brekkie food as croissants, pains au chocolat, super healthy yogurt bowls (with quinoa or chia seeds, almonds, etc...), hot chocolate, sandwiches, bread, good coffee, milkshakes, etc... We enjoyed our rich breakfast there a lot!

We had one more hour until school started. So we let the sun laugh on our faces and had a good chat. In the end, my first worries from my tiredness were unnecessary and not worth it. I highly recommend to see the sunrise in Byron Bay! Even if you have to get up veeeery early in the morning. It's fantastic! I'm away with the pixies. Carpe diem!

PS: Click here for more photos.