G'day Tasmania!

When European people think of Tasmania, they might either don't know what it is or they have not the slightest idea where it is. Maybe it is in Africa? Ah no that was Tanzania.. Well, then it must be very far away? Somewhere? Yeah.. Tasmania is a small Australian island south of the Australian mainland. It's about one and a half times bigger than Switzerland but there are 16 times less citizens! Next up, there might be lots of nature. Let's see..

At 5.30 in the morning - yep, again very early for me - a bus transfer picked me up and drove me to Brisbane Domestic Airport. This drive took me about three long hours. Do you know that feeling when you fall asleep but you are so shocked when your head falls down so that you wake up again and again. Imagine that for three hours. Anyway, I arrived at the airport and at 10.10am, the plane departed. The flight was very good because I had a wonderful view along the whole Australian east coast. 2.5 hours later, we were above Tasmania. It was so special. It looked like the landscape you know from The Lord of the Rings or Hobbit... Many hills and valleys, very lush and a really different vegetation to what I knew from Byron Bay, Sydney and northern Queensland.

It's really chilly here. Today, the maximum was 10°C! Nevertheless, everybody - but me - seems to have enough warm without long pants and in flip flops. Luckily Aurora, a French friend from school, gave me her skiing jacket! From Airport Hobart, I took a bus to my hotel in Hobart. After arriving in my room, I wanted to visit the town. Unfortunately I missed the famous Salamanca Market (as it is just until 3pm). What I've seen so far of Hobart is just a little bit. But today, it was very sleepy. Not many people were on the streets or in the shops (it's Saturday!!!). But what I liked the most was the little unusual things: On one part, there were very fancy street signs (reminds me of Harry Potter) and many coloured, painted or decorated electricity bins.

Tomorrow, I'm going on a three day-tour around the east coast of Tasmania. So, I don't know if I'm able to update my blog every evening. You'll see.. Happy days and carpe diem!