¡Hola de la Ciudad de México!

It was a very spontaneous decision to travel to Mexico. Lisa, the lovely girlfriend of one of my brothers (she is a flight attendant), asked me one week before departure if I would want to accompany her, another flight attendant- and a pilot friend on a trip to Mexico. Of course I couldn’t say no.. I've never really thought about the land of the Aztec, Maya and Inca and I wouldn’t have travelled there on my own. But you have to take the chance and be ready for new adventures.

Our journey started Friday evening two weeks ago in Munich. Unfortunately, we both caught a really bad cold. So the 13 hours flight was very calm - not only because there was no turbulence but also because I wasn’t able to equalise the pressure in my ears. I was quite deaf during the whole flight (and even a week later). We arrived at 5 in the morning in Mexico City. It took us about one and a half hours to go through the immigration control. We had the possibility to go together with the flight crew to the crew hotel in Mexico City. It was a really impressive experience for me to meet and see those people we trust so much. They are actually just normal people... with a very cool job!

Our Hotel was clean, modern and very beautiful. Lisa and I were lucky to have a room on the 26th floor with an amazing view over La Ciudad de México. We took a nap for some hours to be fit for some sight-seeing in Mexico City in the afternoon. At noon, Marilena, her mother, Lisa and I looked for the hop on hop off bus that drives you around the most important sights of the city. As we were all really tired and health wise not in best condition, we weren’t able to enjoy the tour to the fullest. Mexico City is the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere, the eleven-largest agglomeration and the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. You realise that when you drive through its streets. It is SO busy and crowded! There are so many people and cars everywhere. There seemed to be no real rules for driving there because everyone just drove anywhere. No matter where the lines were. The roundabouts where giant (100 metres wide and didn’t even have lines). It was fascinating to see how it works on another place of the world.

Our first hop-off was at Zócalo. It is main square of La Ciudad de México and one of the biggest and most famous squares in the world. In the Aztec area, it was the main ceremonial centre of the city of Tenochtitlán. Before the Spanish ruined and conquered the Aztec capital, King Moctezuma II. ‘s (1465-1520) palest was found in the north-eastern corner of the square. Today, the Zócalo is also known as “La Plaza de la Consitución” (Constitution Square). It is almost as large as six football fields. In the middle of the square is a giant Mexican flag.

We hopped onto another bus that drove the “Temples-route”. Well, I didn’t see any temples. It should have better been called the church route. We came to a square where - I think - we saw three churches. All those churches and crosses (we also found them later on our trip in the biggest jungle) made me think. It does not really match to see those Aztec, Maya and Inca temples, hear those legends and stories but see so many churches… Those Spanish conquerors really must have had a huge impact in the native’s lives. Actually, already that everyone is speaking Spanish shows that…

We set off for home and stopped at the Polanco station where we searched a certain food store called “Ojo de Agua” which sells freshly made juices (I ordered half a litre of an “antigripal” juice haha) and other organic, self made foods or also just all kinds of fruits. There should be more stores like this one in Europe!

We all were really done and jetlagged and tried to get some sleep then, because the next day we had to wake up early again to go back to the airport to travel to Huatúlco (Oaxaca)!