Let's Go Camping!

A new adventure begins. Sara, a friend of mine, and I decided to go road tripping and camping for 1- 2 weeks around Switzerland. Today is our first day of our trip. After packing our bags (it literally seemed as if we were emigrating somewhere else) and stuffing everything into Sara’s car, we bought some food and the last few items we needed.

Our first (really short) stop was in Lucerne. We wanted to visit the Kapellbrücke, which means “chapel bridge”. It is the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe and also the world’s oldest truss bridge. This bridge was originally built in 1333 to link the old to the new town of Lucerne over the Reuss River. In the inside of the bridge under the roof, there are many rectangular paintings, made in the 17th century, telling the history of Lucerne. In August 1993, the Kapellbrücke almost completely burned down. Two thirds of the paintings were destroyed. Shortly thereafter, the bridge was reconstructed again and just some paintings were fully restored.

We left Lucerne and continued our road trip towards the Hammetschwand Lift (elevator). It is the highest exterior elevator in Europe. The lift carries people more than 150 metres up to the top of the Hammetschwand. We stopped at a car park near the Villa Honegg, which was one hour away from the elevator. We reached the Hammetschwand Lift via the scenic Felsenweg path.. What a wonderful view we had there over the Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) on this whole hike! As the elevator went up the cliff, our knees were honestly trembling a bit but the view from the summit was completely worth it. Luckily, we were the only two people there!

As it was already evening, we head back to the car park and drove to the canton of Nidwalden where we are now camping, laying in our tent where the only sound we hear is the chirping of crickets.

PS: I’ve just had very little time today for the blog post. More pictures will come the following days!